Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ex Arte Equinus

Recently Art Horse Magazine held their second International equine art competition. The competition was open to artists all over the world in catagories of painting, photography, drawing and sculpture. I had the pleasure of judging the photography segment. The criteria for the entrants were to submit photos with a traditional wet darkroom look, rather than digital art.
I chose Jayne M. Silberman's "Tail Detail" for first place for its beautiful light, sweeping lines, texture and composition.

Second place went to Porthos Walking by Sarah Van Ouwerkerk. Winners and selected works will be published in a beautiful book Jan 09.

Levita, by Marie Cobb

As an equine photographer I occasionally receive a request for images of horses that have passed on. I recently received such a request. Levita was a special mare, and partner of Francie Stirling. Levita was a KWPN mare, by the famous dressage stallion Donnerhall. Friends of Francie wanted to give her a photograph to remember Levita by for Christmas and asked for my help.

Marie Cobb, Ree Photographics

Friday, December 26, 2008

Creativity starts with a single spark...

Being the newest member to the fierce and fine group of women. I am honored to be in their company, excited for the adventures and travels that lie ahead and know that the sparks are about to fly!

My passion is horses, all horses, but at the top of the list is the plight of America's Wild Horses. The joy I receive from sharing their stories with people from all over the world is endless. Being dedicated to this cause beyond measure but not having the voice to go to Washington to speak on their behalf, I photograph them. It is my greatest desire to use my imagery to educate, honor and celebrate these creatures this land was founded on. We must be the voice for these majestic mustangs. They are a living breathing history museum and a vital element in our heritage.

In this new and refreshing year I have hope for many things, one of which is giving people a glimpse into their world in hopes to inspire people living in more relatively urban environments a way to connect and help protect these creatures so close to mother earth. For the second year now I will be hosting a wild horse workshop with Tony Stromberg, held at an organization very close to my heart, Return to Freedom. The workshop is different in that it also explores the connection and effect these beings have on us personally and environmentally. A significant portion of the workshop goes directly to Return to Freedom and towards their outstanding goal of a wild horse preserve. The joy I received from teaching last year was astounding. I have also been brought on board this year at the sanctuary to host wild horse walks throughout summer 09.

Kimmerlee Curyl

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kim Vickrey

I’m not sure how I got the honor of being the mascot. The boss mares may have their reasons, but I think it has something to do with my being so nieve, optomistic and diplomatic. Not to mention my awesome design skills, love for pop tarts and my big fat head, some days its amazing that I can get it through the doorway.

My online v18c group email fixes are a daily must have and the get-togethers are, at the very least, a yearly must have for me. It convinces me each and every time that 1. We will have a publication of our very own and 2. We will all be on Oprah one day. Don’t laugh at me…its not funny, I’m serious…just you watch.

Kim at the Osbourn Overlook, photo by: Marie Cobb

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Making of Feliki by Terri Miller

This Painting of the Week was actually more than two years in the making: It is the 48"x72" oil painting of Feliki, Tami Hoag's Grand Prix "grande dame." Feliki has a larger than life personality, so it's only fitting that her painting be practically larger than life, too. Feliki was a blast to photograph. While I painted, her canvas was a huge presence in my studio physically, and her aura was a huge presence energetically. I'm told that even though she's retired, Feliki is still the queen of the barn, and after spending so much time in the company of her images, I not only believe that, I wouldn't expect it to be any other way!

You can read the complete story about The Making of Feliki on Terri's blog.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Melanie Snowhite

While the rest of the gals were running around San Diego area, I was at a clinic with my little mustang. And as a horse photographer could I just participate?...Heck no! I was in there working my pony and taking some shots. A couple of my favorites are these photos. Horses were turned out together to sort things out and be horses, while I was busy getting shots. Of course this turnout was under supervision of clinician Jerry Tindell, who trains horses in the Ray Hunt, Dorrance brother style. I will be going up to Jerry's ranch in the near future and photographing both equine and human body language. Such fun!

-Melanie Snowhite

Friday, December 5, 2008

Darlene Wohlart

Photographers find their niches and over the years perfect this aspect of photography. As equine photographers we work to attain the perfect timing to capture action, catch a "look" or project a feeling. This type of photography is intense. We develop a style our clients come to expect and it defines our work.

For members of V18C, our annual get together in southern California this November was a chance to kick back, have fun with photography, think outside the box. It was an opportunity for me to return to the beginning in some ways, shooting subjects and ideas on a scale not done since photography classes at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale a long time ago. And yes, we did photograph some horses, as they are what made us.

Darlene Wohlart

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sharon P. Fibelkorn

Sharon P. Fibelkorn is working on a new project dealing with Women and the bonds they have with their horses.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Marie Cobb and Postulano sharing a moment at a v18c get together in November. Postulano is owned by Donna Richardson of Fox Hill Farm near San Marcos, CA. Donna was kind enough to open her farm up to v18c members for some liberty images and she let us enclose a section of her barn with backdrops, duct tape and electric cords to play with artificial lighting techniques. Thank You Donna!