Friday, December 26, 2008

Creativity starts with a single spark...

Being the newest member to the fierce and fine group of women. I am honored to be in their company, excited for the adventures and travels that lie ahead and know that the sparks are about to fly!

My passion is horses, all horses, but at the top of the list is the plight of America's Wild Horses. The joy I receive from sharing their stories with people from all over the world is endless. Being dedicated to this cause beyond measure but not having the voice to go to Washington to speak on their behalf, I photograph them. It is my greatest desire to use my imagery to educate, honor and celebrate these creatures this land was founded on. We must be the voice for these majestic mustangs. They are a living breathing history museum and a vital element in our heritage.

In this new and refreshing year I have hope for many things, one of which is giving people a glimpse into their world in hopes to inspire people living in more relatively urban environments a way to connect and help protect these creatures so close to mother earth. For the second year now I will be hosting a wild horse workshop with Tony Stromberg, held at an organization very close to my heart, Return to Freedom. The workshop is different in that it also explores the connection and effect these beings have on us personally and environmentally. A significant portion of the workshop goes directly to Return to Freedom and towards their outstanding goal of a wild horse preserve. The joy I received from teaching last year was astounding. I have also been brought on board this year at the sanctuary to host wild horse walks throughout summer 09.

Kimmerlee Curyl