Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tinto The Terrier Checking In

Between book designing, painting, World Cup, and the spring dressage scene here in California, I realize that Tinto has been missing from my blog scene for a while.

To his fans, Tinto sends his regards. And expects a cookie, please.

As you can see in his pictures, his coat is in the “sheep” phase. People keep commenting on how big he’s gotten: I just reply that underneath all that hair is the same skinny little dog. He’s wearing his collar on the last hole right now because his fur is so thick. And I know it’s time to clip him because when it’s warm he stops playing his version of Tinto-ball after a few minutes, and usually you have to pry him off the thing when playtime is over.

So welcome to Tinto’s day: first we chase the ducks off the studio roof. They come up from Lake San Marcos, hoping for something besides pond water. For about a week our pool cover was stuck in the open position, and the ducks thought that our pool was their personal spa…. Let’s just say I was glad that the water was too cold to swim in anyway. More of Tinto's Day Here!

Terri Miller Photography and Painting

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kim Vickrey publishes in Creative Quarterly

Kim Vickrey, has work published in the March issue of Creative Quarterly, the Journal of Art and Design. Creative Quarterly brings together the creative community in the best of art and design in a quarterly publication and is published by 3x3 Publishing Company, New York, N.Y. Produced four times a year, Creative Quarterly has features on illustration, graphic design, photography, and fine arts. In addition, each issue has important information for students ready to enter the job market as well as book reviews and a how-to article which takes readers step-by-step through an actual project by a noted designer or artist. Creative Quarterly's new redesign has made it a more interactive journal, aiming to inspire artists through the sharing of design, interviews with artists, and more.